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With Google Chromecast plug into your TV’s HDMI port, you can simply get video, music, and games to your Television. When it comes to error,  you would be annoyed. If your Chromecast keeps not connecting or it shows no cast location located, go with this guide to get you Chromecast work back.


1. Do a factory reset for your Chromecast

2. Alter your Wi-Fi channel 

3. Reboot your Wi-Fi router

4. Use your Chromecast HDMI extender

Note: Ahead of attempting the following solutions, please make positive your Chromecast is connected correctly and connected on the same network with your mobile device.

Table of Contents

Answer 1. Do a factory reset for your Chromecast

Factory reset brings your Chromecast back to factory defaults. It can aid you fix the situation easily and speedily. Meanwhile, you app data will not be deleted at all. As a result do not be worried to do so.

With your Chromecast plugged into the Television, hold down the button on the side of the Chromecast. Its LED light will start blinking orange. When the LED light turns white, or your Tv screen goes blank, release the button.


Then your Chrome will commence the reboot sequence.

Answer 2. Modify your Wi-Fi channel 

Google Chromecast only functions on two.4GHz frequency band of your Wi-Fi router. If your Wi-Fi router is set to other people, your Chromecast can’t be connected, either. Comply with the actions right here to verify it and try to alter your Wi-Fi channel to increase your Wi-Fi signal.

Go to the settings web page of your router on a browser.
Note: The instruction is typically on the under-side of your router.

When its setting web site is open, it’s really probably you must enter the password you set just before.

Locate and click Wireless catalog.
Note: It is probably below Settings catalog.

On Wireless pane, make certain your network operates at  two.4GHz.
Go on to pick different Wi-Fi channel from the drop-down menu to attempt to enhance your Wi-Fi signal.

Resolution three. Reboot your Wi-Fi router and modem 

Considering that Chromecast works primarily based on Wi-Fi network, any difficulty with your Wi-Fi wolud stop it operate appropriately then.Reboot your router and modem can typically repair Wi-Fi woes.

Power off your modem and router by way of the Power button. It’s with the word Power or the signGoogle.

TVs HDMI port

Wait for a whilst, like 25 seconds.
Press the energy buttons once again to energy your router and modem back on.

Solution four. Use your Chromecast HDMI extender

There is a short HDMI extender cable, about a couple of inches long, comes with your Chromecast. 

Use it to plug your Chromecast into your Tv HDMI’s port. This allow far more breathing space for your Chromecast to detect Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless pane