How to Fix ERR Internet DISCONNECTED Error

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Many Windows customers come across an ERR_Internet_DISCONNECTED error when they are utilizing Google Chrome web browser. This error happens with a message that says you are unable to connect to the Internet. This error normally outcomes from the issues with your Internet connection.

Right here are some approaches that can aid you resolve the ERR_World wide web_DISCONNECTED error:

1) Verify your Internet connection

2) Configure Web settings

three) Clear browsing information

four) Verify safety computer software

5) Flush DNS and reset network settings

6) Power cycle your router

7) Reinstall your network adapter

Table of Contents

1) Verify your Web connection

In most situations, the Err Internet Disconnected error takes place when your personal computer disconnects from the World wide web. Just before anything else, you ought to verify the network connection status of your computer. If your personal computer is disconnected, check and see if you have enabled the network connection on your pc, the network cables are appropriately plugged, your network devices run generally, and so forth. 

If you nevertheless get the error, you can go ahead and try the approaches below.

2) Configure Net settings

There may possibly be some thing wrong with your network settings and consequently resulting in ERR_World wide web_DISCONNECTED error. To verify and alter your Internet settings, stick to the steps beneath.

a) Press Win key and kind “net options“. Open Internet Options in the result.


b) Go to Connections tab, and then click on LAN settings.


c) Make certain Automatically detect settings and Use a proxy server for your LAN are unchecked.


d) Open your Chrome and see if the dilemma resolves.

3) Clear browsing information

The browsing information, like cache and cookies, of your Google Chrome browser can occasionally affect the connection. If you come across an Err Web Disconnected error, you may possibly want to clear the browsing data of your browser.

a) Open your Chrome, and then enter “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in the address bar.


b) Decide on to clear information from the starting of time. Tick all the things. Then hit Clear browsing data.

web browser

c) Your browsing information is cleared. You can see if this technique fixes the dilemma.

4) Check safety software

Sometimes the safety computer software you are utilizing, such as firewall and antivirus application, can block your web browser or your Net connection. You need to verify the settings of the item you use and see if it restricts your Chrome or your network connection. You might need to have to disable them to solve the problem if required.

five) Flush DNS and reset network settings

Flushing DNS and resetting network settings are successful methods for dealing with network problems. You need to have to open Command Prompt to carry out these actions.

a) Press Win important and type “cmd“. Correct click on Command Prompt in the outcome and select Run as administrator.


b) In Command Prompt, enter the following lines. (You need to have to press Enter soon after every line of command and wait for the method to full before you go to the next line.)

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset




c) Restart your computer and open your Chrome browser. Verify and see if the error has gone.

6) Power cycle your router

Given that the ERR_Internet_DISCONNECTED error probably comes from problematic network connection, this error can be fixed by power cycling your router.

Turn off your router fully. Then unplug the power cable and leave it for a few minutes. Following that plug the power cable back into the router and power it on. You can verify that if your network connection gets back to typical.

7) Reinstall your network adapter

You can also attempt reinstalling your network adapter when you face the world wide web disconnected error. 

a) Press Win + R keys. Enter “devmgmt.msc“.


b) In Device Manager, find and open Network adapters category. Correct click on your network adapter below this category and pick Uninstall device. Confirm your action if you are prompted.

web browser

c) Restart your computer and the technique will automatically check and reinstall your device.

It is also attainable that there are hardware troubles on your network adapter or router when you encounter ERR_World wide web_DISCONNECTED error. In this case you can uncover your device producers to see what specialist solutions they can supply to your issue.