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Are you having bought a new Logitech gaming device? Are you having difficulty managing all of these devices? Read on, this article will tell you how.

What is Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech Gaming Software is a software to customize Logitech Gaming Devices such as mice, keyboards, gamepads, select wheels, and headsets. The software allows the user to enhance the power and intelligence of the devices.

If you play various games, Logitech Gaming Software allows you to customize the advance gaming features of the device. For example, you can configure profiles, multi-key commands, and LCD configuration.

Download Logitech Gaming Software for Windows 10

Before you starting to download and install this Logitech apps, please read the details on below.

LGS Icon

App Name: Logitech Gaming Software (64-bit)
AppFile Size: 120 MB
Update: October, 11th 2018
Developer: Logitech
Version: Logitech Gaming Software 9.02.65 (64-bit) LATEST
OS Requirement: Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

How To Install Logitech Gaming Software on PC

  1. First, download the latest LGS version, via the download button on above
  2. Or you can visit the Logitech official website
  3. Before you start the download, you will need to select your operating system & choose between the 32-bit / 64-bit version (Help me detect my Operating system)
  4. Click on the ‘Download’ button and wait for the download to finish
  5. Start the installation & follow the steps
  6. Restart your PC Windows / MAC if required
  7. Logitech Gaming Software is now installed on your PC

How to Update LGS

  1. Open LGS from the tray menu
  2. Click on the arrow above the ‘Question mark’ iconĀ 
  3. Select ‘Check For Updates’
  4. If LGS is not up-to-date, you will receive a new installation window
  5. Finish the installation
  6. Your Logitech Software is up-to-date now

Logitech Gaming Software Features

We will explain each of the advanced features of combined Logitech Gaming Devices and Software 64 bit / 32 bit.

Logitech Gaming Software Download and Install
Logitech Gaming Software Preview

Creating a profile for each game

The Logitech gaming software allows you to create a specific profile for each game you play. The profile enables you to customize the devices to each game. There are two types of patterns you can create. The persistent and default modes.

The persistent profile is useful when you more than one game with similar types. For example, if you play 3 or 4 third-person shooter games, you may set a persistent profile for all the games. The persistent pattern is useful when the games have similar gameplay and keystrokes.

The default profile is the profile when there is no active application. The default profile usually a profile when you first install the software. However, you can set a specific pattern as the default profile.

The Logitech Gaming Software also has profile cycling feature. The feature allows you to use more than one profile to a particular game. You can also set a specific pattern for more than one matches.

Logitech Gaming Software also has other useful profiling features. In case you already have a profile, you can directly copy the profile using importing feature, or transferring it using exporting feature function. Also, you may edit, test, edit, delete, and even print the profile details.

Customizing Commands to G-keys/buttons

It is the primary feature of the Logitech Gaming Software. This feature will also increase the performance of Logitech Gaming Devices significantly. The primary purpose of customizing command is to set a quick-access control to smooth your gameplay.

If your game requires you to use a particular keystroke combination (for example Ctrl+P), you can simplify it by assigning it to g-keys/button. You can configure more than one combination through Logitech Gaming Device.

But, if you have complex macros that contain multiple keystrokes, delays, and other combinations, you can use multi-key macros recording. Similarly, you can record a particular text message into a single keystroke using Texts Blocks function.

Logitech Gaming Software can also configure other functions. Such as Mouse Function to record a particular mouse button functions, configure hotkeys command, media commands, shortcut, and audio commands.

In short, Logitech Gaming Software allows you to record every device function into a shorter keystroke. The remaining challenge is to memorize the customized keystroke. But, once learned, the required time to perform the keystroke will significantly be reduced.

Free software update

The benefit of Logitech Gaming Software is that you can obtain it freely. The gaming software companies, Logitech, also provide a free update of the software. Logitech offers the user with an internet resource where they can update the software.

The resource contains a vast of information for the user. The depth and breadth of knowledge vary over times and is configured to meets the gamer’s changing needs. The resource may contain information and downloads for a particular device. The information may suggest the updated version of the Logitech Gaming Software and most recent news about the software and the tools.


Finally, Logitech has designed Logitech Gaming Software to enhance the user experience of Logitech Gaming Devices. The software also enables the gamer to maximize the device’s potential and fasten their gameplay.

The devices have been designed to enable the gamer to play effectively. The product form the bridge between you, player, and the game itself. Logitech has made the design so intuitive that the devices would become an extension of your sense.

Combined with the Logitech Gaming Software, the power, and intelligence of the device will be significantly improved. The combination will become the ultimate control for PC gaming.