[Repair] Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen — Top Efficient Approaches

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Considering that Windows 10 is a lot more and much more extensively utilised, a lot more and much more difficulties on the technique occur as customers reported. Taskbar frozen is a single of the a lot of troubles on Windows 10. If taskbar frozen, you just can not use it at all, no begin menu, no icon… And also when you use some shortcut like Windows + X or Windows + R, your Windows 10 won’t respond. It is such an annoying difficulty even though, you nevertheless can solve it with the tried-and-correct fixes we’re going to show you.

Repair 1. Restart Windows Explorer in Activity Manager


Press Ctrl Shift Esc at the very same time to open Activity Manager.

Scroll down on Process panel.
Discover and highlight Windows Explorer.
Then click Restart at bottom proper.

Now your Windows Explorer will begin once again.
Try to access Taskbar on your Windows 10 now.

Fix 2. Run Method File Checker to repair Windows Files

Press Ctrl Shift Esc at the same time to open Task Manager.

Click File &gt Run a new job.
Then variety explorer in the pop-up box and click OK.

Now File Explorer is open.
Head to C: Windows System32.
Then scroll down on System32 folder to uncover and correct-click on cmd.exe.
Choose Run as administrator and click Yes when prompted by User Account Handle.

Type sfc /scannow on the command prompt window showing up to you.
Then press Enter crucial to run it.
Wait till Verification 100% total.

Repair three. Run DISM Image Management Command

As some users reported, run DISM(Deployment Image Servicing and Management ) Image Management Command repair the error on their Windows 10. So if Fix 1 &amp 2 unluckily did not help you, attempt this repair please.

Stick to step 1-three of Repair 2 to run command prompt as administrator.

Type Dism /On the web /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth in the command prompt window.
Press Enter to run it.
Wait till operation one hundred% complete.

That is it. Hope you can get your taskbar work again with the help of this post.
Please feel totally free to leave your comment beneath for any inquiries, thanks.